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Welcome to the Alpha&Omega Roleplay WikiEdit

This wiki is about Alpha&Omega the movie. Except it's the roleplay version! Once the main canditates are open, feel free to make your own, less important, wolf! you can take any pictures on the side.

Enter The World of Alphas & Omegas!Edit

The description of an Alpha- the alphas are the dominant pairs of the group. There are usually two. They are also the main breeding pairs.

The description of Omega-Omegas are at the bottom. They are often getting ther brunt of the dominants anger. Omegas could also be called betas. These are often the ones who leave the pack to start another of their own.

Open MembersEdit

Lilly- white she wolf with grey eyes.


Kate- yellow she wolf with orange eyes.


Humprey- grey male wolf with blue eyes.


Garth- red male wolf with light blue eyes.

Winston- grey male wolf with dark grey eyes.

Tony- tan male wolf with brown eyes.

Eve- yellow she wolf with yellow eyes.

Can-do,Shakey,Salty,Mooch,Hutch,Reba and Janice (Descriptions not available)

And any minor charachter in the movie you want to roleplay.

(Pictures are on the side and yours for the taking! They are in the order listed above.)

Latest activityEdit